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It’s time for a change

Masterminds of Change is a network of honest, passionate and experienced change agents. Our focus is on the public domain. We aim for a flexible, decisive and service-oriented government where people enjoy working. In addition, we believe in organizations that get the best out of people, so that they can do their utmost for citizens and companies.

Masterminds of Change offers the knowledge and experience necessary to change in complex, sensitive and adaptive environments. It’s not the method that counts, but the continuous movement towards the goal of our client.

Our offerings for government organizations and local authorities


Change guidance

For central government and municipalities in the role of coach and advisor on the way to continuous improvement.


Education and training

Proven track record in agile transformation within both the national and municipal government.


Coaching and advice

We support and guide organizations so that they themselves can make the transformation.


Interim leadership

Leading while serving and coaching with years of hand- on experience.



Masterminds from different organizations meet to collaborate on an agile government.


Knowledge base

Exchange of knowledge and the elimination of obstacles that stand in the way of transformations.


Sabina Renshof and Gerard Hoogendijk are two committed change agents. They each have 20 years of work experience in agile transformations for national and local governments.

“We consider the public domain to be our core focus. Complex, administratively sensitive environments in which implementation and policy constantly compete. Situations in which the daily focus and value creation is sometimes difficult to combine with long-term and purpose-oriented work.

As a long-trusted advisors, coaches and trainers with an extensive network in the public domain, Masterminds of Change knows this world inside out. In our opinion, government agencies are far from boring old-fashioned organizations.”

Our Clients

As change agents for the public domain, we help administrators and employees of public organizations. We strengthen the capacity for change in a complex and rapidly changing society.

Our clients include various government institutions, including the national government. In addition, we advise several regional authorities such as Provinces and regional water authorities. We also support more than 25 municipalities with strategy, operational management and organizational development.



Masterminds of Change really helped us in our Agile transformation. They trainined our teams and key players. Their "direct approach with a smile" was effective. Both with our enthousiastic and more critical team members. We wouldn't be where we are now without Masterminds of Change.

Robert de Bruin – Program manager ProRail


Thanks to Sabina, the SAFe implementation at IV / Interaction has become exemplar. She is an enthusiastic initiator of Masterminds of Change. In this way she actively stimulates the sharing of knowledge and experiences between people who are engaged in agile transformations. ”

Mark Braam – IT Manager/RTE Belastingdienst


Sabina from Masterminds of Change is a very capable coach. She helped the NVWA, laying a solid foundation for our Agile development of our information provision. Courage, humor and openness are characteristic of their approach. Absolute must!

Bas Jonkers – Productmanager keuren en handhaven NVWA

Masterminds Courses

We are gaining hands-on experience every day. That means that our training courses are much more than just a technique. With a lot of knowledge and passion, we connect with you and your case studies. In addition to providing training to your specific cases we also provide Scrum and SAFe certifications. Our training courses are currently available online and hopefully face-to-face again soon!

Agile Governance & Control


In this one day online training we bring you up to speed on current and proven Agile practical cases.

Mastering Agile in my business


This training is intended for people who want to learn more about the Scrum approach and its application.



A training for transformation leaders and organizational change agents who want to orient themselves on the (im)possibilities of Agile.

Mastering Public Scrum


In this training we combine Scrum theory and Agile principles with the solid experience we have gained with the public sector.


Masterminds of Change and the development of Enterprise Transformation Coaching

Developing area of expertise

The field of Agile Transformation Coaching is in constant development. From the 1980s onwards, attention was initially focused on agile practices in combination with agile project management and coaching methods. Since then, the realization has grown that agile also benefits non-it disciplines (financing, HR and portfolio, for example). And that the real business and users have an important voice in prioritizing and shaping their needs and wishes in the optimization of products and processes. The complexity of transformation issues requires continuous further development.

As a result, both the scope, as well as the content of coaching of the coaching has changed:

  • From it to non-it
  • From single teams to scaled Agile productivity
  • From teams and projects to management and boardroom level, including stakeholders: From Agile Transformation Coaching to Enterprise Coaching.


Embracing change

Change requires a different way of thinking from management and boards. Their role in the transformation shifts from directing and delegating to facilitating the change. Planning and blueprint approaches are left in favor of continuous monitoring and, if necessary, acting on it. These shifts in management are based on the idea that nothing is predictable, especially in complex situations. Change can bring along a certain degree of unpredictability and it’s crucial to be able to deal with this unpredictability. Not just wanting to plan change but to embrace the transformation.

This also demands a different skillset from coaches, as well as the leaders and how they see coaches. ICAgile – the International Consortium Agile – has spent the past two years working on a new competence profile for Enterprise Transformation Coaching. Masterminds of Change has participated in the pilot for validating this new profile and has become one of the first three certified Enterprise Coaches worldwide. We are not only proud of this accomplishment, but also realize that this achievement offers a new perspective on Enterprise Coaching. A vision that is not yet known. The awarded certificate is not just proof of participation in a knowledge-driven training, but proof of a yearlong development of  competence, including the further development of our own leadership.


Want to know more?

Are you interested to learn more about Enterprise Transformation Coaching? On how it relates to other agile coaching certificates and change competencies? Or how you can learn to change your perspective and create sustainable transformations?

Contact Sabina Renshof

Our Partners

We collaborate closely with our partners. This enables us to strengthen our mission: make working for the government more fun. Our partners do not only consist of change agents, coaches and trainers but also facilitators and creative thinkers. Together we support public organizations in their change.

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